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Local boys take part in BMX championship
new deh bmx alex randolph pic
Alex Randolph brought home trophies from a BMX races this past weekend. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

TULSA, Okla. – This past weekend, Alex and Devin Randolph of Great Bend competed in both the 2013 USA BMX Grand Nationals and the Race of Champions Presidents Cup in Tulsa, Okla. These two races are the “big show” for BMX (bicycle motocross) racing, said their father Delbert Randolph.
Alex (12 years old) brought home the second-place trophy from the President’s Cup Race for Champions and the forth-place trophy from the “Grands” (USA BMX Grand Nationals). Alex’s 7-year-old brother Devin also competed in both races, and while he did not bring home a trophy he did race competitively and made it to the semi finals in the “Grands.”
“I’m still kind of elated,” Delbert said. They thought they would make the trip, do some racing, and come home.
They were all surprised by the boys’ success.
“This was a big spectacle,” Delbert said. There were over 4,000 riders from across the country there competing in the various age and experience groups that ranged all the way up to professionals.
Both boys race during the summer in Wichita at Emery Park BMX and at the Park City BMX tracks, Delbert said. In order to even compete at the “Grands” or Race of Champion, each rider must qualify at the state level.
Last September, Devin placed fourth in the state finals and Alex took first place in his age/class at the Kansas State finals in Wichita at Emery Park.
The 2013 race season is over for now, however both of these brothers are looking forward to the 2014 season and all ready planning their trip, Delbert said. “We are really excited for next year.”
This marked Alex’s  fourth year of competition and Devin’s second year. Come 2014, Delbert said they are planning on going to Wichita more often to get in more practice.
But, the boys have ridden bicycles for much longer than that. Alex started taking part in the Great Bend Kiwanis Club Bike Race when he was 4 and using training wheels.
Now, he can out ride his dad on the Arkansas River bike trails.
Their mother Hope also attended the events.