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'The Winter' Cast and Crew
Movie to be shown Monday
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‘The Winter’ Cast
Wife — Allison Horack
Husband — Mark Booker
Marshal — Rick Tamblyn

Above-the-line Crew
Teresa Sutherland (Director) — Carries the creative responsibility for the end product. Works with actors and other crew members to stay true to the original story. In this thesis cycle in our program, some directors have written their scripts themselves, and others have worked with co-writers.
Kelly Poor (Producer) — Handles logistical details to make sure things run smoothly. Serves as the liaison between the film crew and the location. Handles meals and craft services and generally looks out for the crew’s well being.
Josh Crute (Production Designer) — Is in charge of all objects that appear on screen including the actors’ costumes and all props. He is also responsible for the look of all hair and makeup. He works closely with the director to create a physical world that supports the story.
Ray Langridge (Director of Photography, Cinematographer) — Is in charge of the look of the film insofar as he designs the lighting to reflect the particular needs for the mood and style of the particular story. He works closely with the director to make these decisions. He leads two main teams: Grip and Electric (comprised here of the Key Grip, the Gaffer, and the Best Boy Electric who set up all lights, stands, and other equipment to execute his lighting plan) and the camera team.
Thomas McGregor (Music Composer)

Below-the-line Crew
David Shark (First Assistant Director) — Handles how the set itself runs. Keeps up with time to make sure the director can accomplish as much as possible.
Cait Shull (Second Assistant Director) — Makes sure the actors are on set when they are needed and takes care of craft services. Also, takes over as first assistant firector if the first assistant director needs to leave set for any reason.
Cait Shull (Assistant Editor) — Backs up the media and syncs video with sound so that everything is ready for the editor.
Dustin McLean (First Assistant Camera) — Helps build/transport camera. Is responsible for pulling focus.
Juraj Bedi (Second Assistant Camera) — Helps build/transport camera. Cleans lenses and brings camera accessories set when necessary. Maintains camera reports.
Deirdre Morales (Script Supervisor) — Watches the tap monitor on set with the director to help with questions of continuity and eyelines. Maintains paperwork that will be of help to the Editor.
Mark Mulcahy (Sound Mixer/Boom Operator) — In charge of recording the best possible sound during filming. He uses boom microphones and wireless microphones to record multiple channels of audio at the same time. He also maintains sound reports.
Jamie MacDonald (Key Grip) — Is responsible for grip equipment including the dolly, stands and sandbags. Works with the gaffer to help execute the cinematographer’s lighting plan.
Devin Dailey (Gaffer) — Works for the cinematographer to execute his lighting plan. Uses flags, silks, solids and bounces to shape light. Is in charge of placing lights where they need to go.
Jon Krause (Best Boy Electric) — Runs and balances the generator, lays power cables, and provides power to various parts of set. Works with the key grip and gaffer to execute the cinematographer’s plan.