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Prairie Land Food partners with First United Methodist Church
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2015 CalendarOrder by Nov. 9 for Distribution on Nov. 20
Order by Dec. 7 for distribution on Dec. 18
Your paycheck date too late to order?  Contact June to be your personal shopper--youcan place your order on time and work out a payment date.  Contact june by email or phone to make arrangements. 

Prairie Land Food, operating out of First United Methodist Church at 2123 Forest Ave., is offering the public a chance to save on the “Holiday Dinner” package just in time for Thanksgiving.  Orders will be taken between Oct. 24 and Nov. 10 for the special which includes a 12 to 14 lb. whole, uncooked turkey, sweet potatoes, potatoes, onlions, carrots, celery, oranges, apples and a 10-inch 38 oz. pumpkin pie.  The cost for everything is $35, and will be available for pick-up on Friday, Nov. 20.  Large orders from groups or organizations will also be accepted through Nov. 10.  
Prairie Land Food is a 501c3 non-profit that exists to reward and promote volunteering through the distribution of low-cost, healthful food packs to anyone who wishes to take part in the program.   
According to the organization’s website, Prairie Land Food is a program that was designed around the idea of giving a helping hand to people in your community, some refer to it as a “pay it forward” concept. In return they will be offered a nutritious grocery package at a low cost, helping to stretch your food dollar.
Volunteering is on the honor system, and a simple statement of what the participant has done in the past month to lend a hand in their community is asked at the distribution center to be eligible to benefit from the program.  
“Everyone volunteers in some way which makes everyone eligible for Prairie Land Food,” said June Glasgow, Prairieland Food coordinator for Kansas and Nebraska.  
The program also provides a way for churches and other organizations to reach out to the community by volunteering space and hours to help unload, sort, and distribute food packs to participants.  
The Prairie Pak provides four meat selections plus a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables each month for around $30, plus there are specials offered each month that participants can take advantage of too.  In October, specials include boxes of fish, pork chops, t-bone steaks ranging from 3-6 lbs., as well as a 9 lb. box of  roasted chicken pieces, each from $19 to $24.  Other specials are available also, including meat only and fruit and veggie paks.  
Online orders are taken by bank draft or debit at; and orders can be taken by cash, check, and SNAP through Delora Baldwin at 620-793-3423 or 620-786-1900; Deona Duft at 620-793-8713; the Baltzell Motel (705 10th St., Great Bend) at 620-792-4395; or by credit card, bank draft or SNAP by contacting June Glasgow at 800-998-9436 or .