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YP5K and half-marathon draws runners from three states
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Keri Suppes (left) and Nat Collins (right) are pictured with BCYP Race Committee members Rachel Mawhirter and Tana Cooper. - photo by Veronica Coons, Tribune staff

Barton County YP5K and Half Marathon results, by age group (top three, some age groups not represented):
Half Marathon

Male 1-18
Brantley Baldwin, 13, Great Bend, 1:52.44
Female 19-25
Ashley Williams, 24, Great Bend, 2:13.45
Jordan Haney, 23, Great Bend, 2:14.13
Annie Baxter, 24, Great Bend, 2:15.36
Male 26-34
Nat Collins, 34, Colorado Springs, Colo., 1:28.41
Aaron Scott, 33, Great Bend, 1:39.18
Alex Moyers, 26, Hays, 1:45.59
Female 26-34
Kenzie Peace, 28, Kansas City, 1:53.52
Marcia Tillery, 33, Salina, 1:56.59
Melissa Nelson, 26, Great Bend, 2:01.36
Male 35-49
George Hammar, 45, Lawton, Okla., 1:50.04
Mike Michaelis, 40, Great Bend, 2:09.30
Andrew Clark, 35, Great Bend, 2:13.01
Female 35-49
Keri Suppes, 38, Hays, 1:45.06
Mandy Fox, 37, Hays, 1:47.51
Alaina Cunningham, 36, Hays, 1:49.43
Male 50-98
Tom Brown, 60, Great Bend, 1:55.42

Male 1-12
Braxton Love, 11, Great Bend, 31:47.21
Peyden Oelger, 9, Great Bend, 41:09.64
Female 1-12
Hayley Suchy, 7, Great Bend, 54:45.30
Male 13-18
Austin Ruff, 15, Hanston, 22:55.96
Male 19-25
Cole Schwarz, 24, Great Bend, 23:17.04
Dalton Steinert, 20, Hays, 20:03.03
Brett Purnell, 19, Wichita, 30:32.44
Female 19-25
Janel Tammen, 23, Rush Center, 24:12.26
Morgan Francis, 19, Great Bend, 26:52.22
Cassie Dupuis, 24, Pawnee Rock, 33:04.44
Male 26-35
Kip Wilson, 34, Great Bend, 25:28.12
Jeremy Stos, 31, Great Bend, 45:03.84
Matt Aycock, 33, Great Bend, 47:57.18
Female 26-35
Leslie Klug, 28, Great Bend, 26:52.29
Cortnea Wilson, 28, Great Bend, 27:23.24
Sarah Collins, 30, Colorado Springs, Colo., 28:30.05
Male 36-49
Robert Williams, 39, Great Bend, 22:49.69
Andrew Pivonka, 36, Great Bend, 33:10.82
Rick Munsch, 37, Great Bend, 36:27.93
Female 36-49
Patty Halseth, 46, Great Bend, 27:52.71
Cheri Ruff, 40, Hanston, 30:43.38
Charity Muth, 41, Great Bend, 32:28.52
Male 50-98
Ken Harder, 63, Claflin, 36:44.16
James Kiewel, 66, Great Bend, 52:21.35
Female 50-98
Melanie Mosier, 56, ellinwood, 28:18.11
Cheryl Ralston, 54, Great Bend, 29:34.55
Shawn Haney, 53, Great Bend, 33:54.96

Additional results posted at Barton County Young Professionals facebook page.

More than 100 runners participated in the Barton County YP5K and Half Marathon race Saturday morning. Most came from Great Bend and other Barton County communities, but other cities in Kansas, as well as some from Oklahoma and Colorado were represented. It was the second year for the race, but a different route was used this year. In an effort to keep crossing highways to a minimum this year, while still highlighting the scenic points of the city as much as possible, the starting point shifted from Veterans Park to Jack Kilby Square.
Extra efforts were made by racing company OZ Endurance/Timer Guys this year to certify the race. This means, if the same routes are used, they are exactly the distance advertised, so times could qualify for state records, said Patrick Todd, the company representative in charge of timing and managing this weekend’s event.
To certify the course, Todd was in Great Bend three times in the last month. The first two visits were spent riding the routes to ensure each time the distance was the same. Barton County Young Professionals representative Rachel Mawhirter also added that other groups who wished to organize races that offered a certified route would be able to use the same route, as the certification is good for the next 10 years.
This is important because with growing participation, members of the Barton County Young Professionals hope to continue to grow the event.
“A lot goes into organizing a race,” said BCYP member Jean Aycock, one of the event organizers and a monitor near the finish line Saturday. “We’ve worked hard to create the kind of race that runners in our group will really enjoy.”
That means well organized registration, a runner’s breakfast, a bounce house for children, a well marked route approved by the city, drink stations, pacers--one running and two on bicycles, to monitor the race and ensure no one is left behind, a professionally certified route and chip timing.
Chip timing uses a microchip embedded in the runner’s bib. When the runner crosses an electronic pad at the starting line, the timing starts. It ends when the electronic finish line pad is crossed. It’s the most accurate way to time a race at this time. OZ Endurance/Timer Guys provided disposable bids for the race, so runners could keep them as race souvenirs, Aycock said.
Registration began at 6 a.m. at Jack Kilby Square. Those running the half-marathon then walked to the starting line at 9th St. and Kansas Ave, race organizer Brandon Steinert said. From there, they followed the hike and bike trail to where it meets 10th Street west of the city, and began working their way back east. They passed Vets Park, ran east on 16th St. through residential areas of the city, then around the high school and through Brit Spaugh Park before running down Main Street, and circling the block between Forest and Lakin Avenues to the finish line in front of the offices of the Great Bend Tribune. Those running the 5K started at 8 a.m., and followed an abbreviated route that still brought them past many of the highlights of downtown Great Bend. All runners had been accounted for and finished just prior to 10 a.m., and made their way to get breakfast burritos, juice, and power bars at the Courthouse Square. By 10:30 a.m., a brief awards ceremony was held at the bandshell. There the top three finishers, male and female, in each age category were awarded medals, and finisher medals were given to all participants.
The top finishers overall received cash prizes consisting of $75 Great Bend Chamber of Commerce gift certificates. They were, Nat Collins, age 34, of Colorado Springs, Colo., with a time of 1:28:41 (male), Keri Suppes, 38, of Hays, with a time of 1:45:06 (female).