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Rosewood Rodeo highlights ability
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Jeremiah McCutchen waves to his parents while competing in the 13th Annual Rosewood Ranch Rodeo on Oct. 7 at the Barton County Expo.

Jeremiah McCutchen was just one of more than 40 riders who showed off their skills during the 13th Annual Rosewood Rodeo held Oct. 7 at the Barton County Expo. Jeremiah sat tall and proud on his horse as he waved and smiled to the crowd. His parents, Susan and Brett, beamed with pride as they waved back and took photos from the bleachers along with many other parents, guardians and guests.

“Before he began attending the Rosewood Horse Therapy Program, Jere would just sit still; he was not engaged,” Brett said. “This wonderful program has really helped his concentration; now he displays much more control and coordination. Because of this program, I was able to stand alongside Jere at the World Horse Show in Tulsa as he was awarded the World Championship trophy in his class.”
The Rosewood Equine Therapy Program, which operates year around, allows riders of all abilities to practice and improve their skills while enjoying being on a true working ranch. It is only one of the varied opportunities Rosewood offers to its clients on a daily basis.

The 40-plus riders competed in several different rodeo classes, while being carefully judged for their performances. At the Awards and Recognition Ceremony, the shared enthusiasm as winners were announced was evidence of the level of respect and camaraderie the participants have earned through competition and performance.
Rosewood’s Rodeo, which is sponsored by nearly 20 local businesses, is also made possible by the efforts of many volunteers, staff, and client family members. The day was filled with fun events for all, including wagon rides, face painting, kids games and tasty rodeo food. The Rodeo began with special guest the Hon. Dan Biles of the Kansas Supreme Court delivering the opening invocation, then professional rodeo announcer Rob Emery took over the microphone as the emcee of the day’s events. The day ended with the traditional Rosewood Rodeo Barbecue.

When asked about the rodeo’s success, Rosewood Services Executive Director Tammy Hammond said, “I suppose it depends on how you define success. The hard work of our clients, staff, and volunteers has brought home many ribbons and trophies over the past several years, including two World Championships, which sets this group apart. There is not another program in Kansas which has accomplished that, but I truly feel our greatest success is not in ribbons and trophies, but rather in the progress and the change this program makes in the daily lives of our clients. That is why we do this. Without making that difference, this would be nothing more than a rodeo, but instead it is a celebration of the special accomplishments that happen all year long.”

Award Recipients
Best Cowboy Spirit—Abbey Stanley
Most Improved—Kammie Bennett
Most Inspirational—Angie Rogers
Trails Race—Blue Division—First, Daniel LeRoy; second, Codie Hardie, third, Taylor Hertach; fourth, Jonathan Howe; fifth, Andy Schultz; sixth, Raymond Bethel
Trails Race—Yellow Division—First, Darren Brown; second, Jason Ehrentraut; third: Kammie Bennett; fourth, Keith Boyer; fifth, Dawn Specht; sixth, Abbie Stanley
Trails Race—Blue Green Division—First, Josh Trimmer; second, Chris Devine; third, Mary Minear; fourth, Charles Bortz; fifth, Jim Wonselter; sixth, Shaun Ledesma
Flag Race—Blue Division—First, Codie Hardie; second, Taylor Hertach; third, Christina Wells; fourth, Rita Mestas; fifth, Josh Radar; sixth, Angie Rogers
Flag Race—Yellow Division—First, Darren Brown; second, Kammie Bennett; third: Robin Bethel; fourth, Dawn Specht; fifth: Samantha Purcell; sixth, Keith Boyer
Flag Race—Green Division—First: Crystal Alkire; second, Chris Devine; third, Charles Bortz; fourth, Debbie Wasinger; fifth, Mary Minear; sixth, Josh Trimmer
Barrel Race—Blue Division—First, Tori Rose; second, Taylor Hertach; third, Codie Hardie; fourth, Andy Schultz; fifth, Christina Wells; sixth, Jonathan Howe
Barrel Race—Yellow Division—First, Kammie Bennett; second, Ashley Hullet; third, Samantha Purcell; fourth, Amy Wigren; fifth, Dawn Specht; sixth, Robin Bethel
Barrel Race—Green Division—First, Chris Devine; second, Debbie Wasinger; third, Jimmy Wonsettler; fourth, Mary Minear; fifth, Crystal Alkire; sixth, Josh Trimmer