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September Marriage and Divorce Filings
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Marriage Licenses
Trafton Wieland, Hays and Amber Clark, Great Bend
Jason Whiting, Great Bend and Lisa Ferguson, Great Bend
Jose Pando, Great Bend and Nereyda Sanchez, Great Bend
Will Caskey, Great Bend and Shonda Newick, Great Bend
Blake Kratzer, Great Bend and Alyssa Hertel, Wichita
Cody Vinsonhaler, Great Bend and Allison Ohnmacht, Great Bend
Aaron Corcoran, Great Bend and Jessica Ohnmacht, Great Bend
James Musgrove, Fort Worth, Texas and Elizabeth Elliot, Fort Worth Texas
Jonathan Whiterock, Coconino County and Norma Powless, Coconino County
Cory Zimmerman, Great Bend and Katie Lear, Great Bend
Miguel Martinez, Great Bend and Laura Gonzalez, Great Bend
Mauro Villanueva, Great Bend and Maria Lopez, Great Bend
Christopher Ney, Great Bend and Jessica Wasson, Great Bend
Zaid Hayes, Ellinwood and Stephani Herrman, Ellinwood
Grant Unruh, Great Bend and Shannon Peterson, Great Bend
Shane Jonas and Abigail Morrison
Martin Rodriguez, Great Bend and Yoquelin Enriguez, Great Bend

September Divorce Filings
Michael Wayne Moore vs Jill Lorene Moore
William Dean Willimas vs Tracy K. Williams
John Sawaya vs Amanda Sawaya
Blanca Estella Diaz, vs Martin Lorenzo Diaz
Derek A. Jonas vs Taylor M. Jonas
Luis Salcido Lujan vs Racquel Salcido
Jacob Allen Simmons vs Brittany Renae Simmons
Dana Dawson vs Diana Dawson