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Summer interns join the team at the 4-H extension office
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Summer interns at the 4-H extension office teach children and their parents about the 4-H programs at Riley Elementary School.

The 4-H extension office of Great Bend has two summer interns for these warm months.
Sahyra Lujan from Great Bend is attending Kansas State University and is majoring in elementary education. Audree Aguilera from Chase is attending Barton County Community College and is majoring in special education. They are helping the Hispanic community of Great Bend and surrounding areas to get involved with the 4-H program. The interns are being supported through the Kansas 4-H Foundation and Innovative Livestock Services.
“We are trying to reach new families in the Hispanic community and to let them know about the 4-H program,” Intern Sahyra Lujan said.
The interns meet with the parents and children of the Hispanic Community at Riley Elementary on Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 11 a.m., and at Park Elementary from 9 to 11 a.m. until June, 25th. There are about 20 kids that are involved with the program right now and have some parents volunteering to help the interns through out the summer.
The goal of the program is to reach as many people in the community and let them know they can join the 4-H club and become involved in many of the activities that 4-H does in the community. 4-H also tries to teach children life skills, which include a positive self-concept, an inquiring mind, concern for the community, healthy interpersonal relationship, and sound decision making techniques.
“Many youths don’t think they can be in the 4-H, so the idea is to get the information out there and to get more youths and parents involved in the 4-H program,” 4-H Youth Development Agent Berny Unruh said. “If we can provide opportunities for both parents and children to learn together it will lead to healthier development in our children.”
The month of June is considered the introduction month to the 4-H program. The interns go over rules and regulations of the 4-H, they play games, do arts and crafts with the children. The games and arts and crafts are designed to help the children learn to work together and become part of a team.
The Month of July will be the month that these families can sign up their children in the 4-H program. The interns will guide these families through the process and help with any questions they might have. Once the interns are gone they are wanting the parents to volunteer and continue the program for the rest of the year.
For more information on joining the 4-H program, the Barton County 4-H extension office is located at U.S. 281, Great Bend, KS 67530, they can also be reach at 620-793-1910.