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The Time is NOW!!!
Marsh Musings
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All fishermen (and women) love to brag and show their catch before it gets to the dinner table. A limit of five walleye is no small accomplishment. It looms larger when fishing on the lakes that have a 18 inch limit as opposed to the 15 inch limit on other lakes. I’m not sure why the regulations aren’t standard across the state. There are several things about the regulations that I feel could make fishing better for all of us. The major rule in my estimation that is harmful is the 50 fish limit for crappie. A decent or diligent crappie fisherman can take 50 fish per day out of our fisheries and can “fish out “ the resource. Some reservoirs are depleted by that limit and people selling crappie for table fare in other states. A 20 fish per day limit on crappie would be good for our kids and the people who love that fish and would enhance the overall populations. I have heard biologists say that can’t happen but it has happened at several of our reservoirs. Ask a game warden what they think. That is a great way to get the facts.
Walleye can be caught by several different methods. Mike Miller and Nadia Marji team up to produce the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Magazine. Mike has done this for several years and I think every person in this state should read that magazine. He gave a terrific program for our photo club in Great Bend recently. Mark Murrell has a very informative article in the recent edition about walleye fishing using bottom bouncers and a worm or jig. Andy and I trolled to catch our fish this week. We were somewhat dubious about our prospects since all the rain has changed the elevation and temperatures of the lakes. Trolling is the best way to cover a lot of water and different depths. We caught our fish in 14-17 feet of water. We changed lure color and type several times and would think we had the right combination when the clouds would cover the sun or the wind would change the lake. Speed, color of lure, type of lure, and type of jig or plug seems to be a ever-changing process. Our buddy Phil has more ideas about those variables than anyone I have ever met. Sometimes it even works. Dark lures for dark sky and bright colors for bright sky is the common idea.
The peak of the walleye season may be passing us now. The water is warming up and they will be moving to deeper water very soon. I was lucky enough to get a nice mess of morel mushrooms a couple of weeks ago and took them with the fresh walleye to Kansas City for dinner with some of our friends and I can report that it made a statement in the city. It made me remember why I came out here in 1990 and reaffirmed that wise decision.
Go catch some fish!!!