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May is Beef Month in Kansas
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With more than 5.5 million cattle on farms, ranches and in feedyards, Kansas is a recognized epicenter for high-quality beef. To honor Kansas beef producers for this accomplishment, and highlight an industry that generates more than $7 billion in cash receipts each year, Governor Sam Brownback has designated May as Beef Month across the state.
Kansas Beef Council (KBC) Chair Barb Downey and her husband, Joe Carpenter, will host the governor at their ranch near Wamego for the proclamation-signing. In the proclamation, the governor applauds Kansas farmers and ranchers who “provide high-quality animal care in producing safe, nutritious and wholesome beef for consumers around the world.”
Beef offers an endless variety of nutritious, satisfying options for every occasion. For a one-stop resource of beef recipes, meal planning, cooking techniques, nutrition information and great values in the meatcase, visit Have a question about beef? Get it answered in the Ask Beef community while visiting the website.
 Do you know about Beef’s Big 10? Beef provides 10 percent of 10 essential nutrients, including zinc, iron, protein and B vitamins, in less than 10 percent of the daily recommended calorie intake. Specifically, a 3-oz. serving of beef provides 25 grams, or about 50 percent of the Daily Value, for protein. Today, about two-thirds of beef sold at retail, including popular cuts like sirloin steak, tenderloin and 95 percent lean ground beef, meet government guidelines for lean.
 To maximize your beef-buying dollar, take note of local ads, retailer websites and weekly circulars for savings on your favorite cuts. Buying beef in bulk is a cost-effective way to create multiple meal options for your family. For example, by purchasing an entire beef tenderloin and cutting your own steaks, you can save between $1 and $2 per pound. Also consider buying family-sized packaging and bundles offered by your favorite retailer. Learn more about Six Ways To Save On Beef at
Did you know beef farmers and ranchers are producing more from less? According to research complied by Dr. Jude Capper and published in the Journal of Animal Science, farmers and ranchers employed management practices that yielded 13 percent more total beef from 30 percent fewer animals from 1977 to 2007. Furthermore, United States cattlemen produce 20 percent of the world’s beef supply with only 7 percent of the world’s cattle.
For more information on family-friendly beef recipes, contact KBC at 785-273-5225 or go to You also can sign up for the Beef So Simple weekly newsletter, containing beef recipes for all seasons and reasons, at