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LearningRx opens downtown Great Bend office for brain training
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Julie Stuhlsatz, right, and a client review information at the new LearningRx office in Great Bend. Its grand opening is set for Thursday, July 20.

      When Julie Stuhlsatz, Great Bend, first discovered LearningRx, she could have had no way of knowing the effect it would have on her family.

            Not only did her son’s school and home life improve but Stuhlsatz also is now the manager and head trainer for the new LearningRx office in Great Bend, 2015 Forest, Suite 106.

            The business will celebrate its grand opening Thursday, July 20. A Chamber of Commerce Coffee is set for 9:30 a.m. at the Chamber office. The ribbon cutting will immediately follow at the Great Bend LearningRx office.

            LearningRx helps clients build cognitive skills in areas such as attention, memory, thinking speed, and math and reading skills. It uses one-on-one brain training.

            “My son took the cognitive skills test through the ThinkRx program that we offer,” Stuhlsatz said. “This core program, which is one of several we offer, focuses on long- and short-term memory, visual processing, logic and reasoning, auditory processing and other skills.

            “He improved the age equivalency of four years in long-term memory, and logic and reasoning skills,” she continued. “And he did this in three months.”

            Her son doesn’t spend nearly as much time as he did before on his schoolwork, and learning comes easier for him now.

            “Before LearningRx, his weekly test preparation was lengthy and not always successful,” his mother explained. “Now his test-preparation time is shorter, more enjoyable and more successful.

            “He also demonstrates more self-confidence and independence in the classroom and everyday life.”

            Stuhlsatz’s son participated in the LearningRx program in Albuquerque, N.M., where he has family, in the summer of 2015. The company didn’t have a location in Kansas at the time.

            The main Kansas office is in Hutchinson and the Great Bend location is the second site in the state. Stuhlsatz is one of two local trainers.

            LeAnna Lugafet, owner and director, noted that Stuhlsatz was instrumental in starting this new venture because she wants to help other families in central Kansas.

            “Some people come to us because they strive to be better at school or prepare for college,” Lugafet said. “Older people often want help with memory issues. But many come because of ADHD or dyslexia, or math, reading and other learning struggles.

            “We find the cause of the struggle with a cognitive-skills test,” she continued. “At the free consultation, we will go over the test results and build a program to best meet the needs of the individual’s circumstances.

            “We achieve twice the results in half the time of any other program. And better yet, tests show a 96-99 percent retention rate a year later.”

            LearningRx is a nationwide company with more than 80 locations; it serves all ages, beginning at age 4.

            Initial cognitive testing and the follow-up consultation are performed at the Hutchinson office but the actual brain training is in Great Bend.

            For more information, call 620-259-7545, or visit for scientific data, testimonials and a free online skill survey.