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Barton carpentry program now accepting students
Barton Community College is accepting enrollments in a Carpentry Certificate Program taught by Matt Mazouch. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO BCC Public Relations

Barton Community College’s accelerated Carpentry Certificate Program is set to enroll students with classes starting in the spring. The program can be completed in one semester. It also features block-scheduling, which allows students to continue to work and make money while they go through the program. More information is available at 

The program is designed to provide hands-on experience from instructor Matt Mazouch, who has extensive experience in the field as well as in the classroom. 

“Carpentry is a great program for Barton,” he said. “There is so much work out there and so few qualified people to do it. The contractors I talk to say they can’t find good, skilled help and the homeowners I talk to all say it is hard to find someone to do a project for them. Carpentry is a skill that must be learned and developed. There is a need for qualified carpenters in central Kansas just like the rest of the world. The more we produce locally the better our community is as a whole.”

Mazouch said carpentry is not only a great way to make money but is very fulfilling.

“I think the real reason I am drawn to carpentry is the feeling of accomplishment and pride you get when you finish a project,” he said.  “I really enjoy designing and creating any carpentry project and it really is an art. It is no accident that there are countless home improvement and home makeover shows on TV today.”

The course is designed for those wanting to start a career in the construction or home improvement industry and is an introduction to residential construction that focuses on basic rough carpentry. Students will learn how to construct floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, and stairs, as well as how to install doors and windows.

A veteran educator with more than 15 years of teaching (six of them in carpentry), Mazouch said he knows how to relate to students regardless of skill level.

“Students will come to me at all different ages, ability and experience levels,” he said. “The best thing I can do is meet each of them where they are at and do everything I can to help them progress. Some students will only be able to learn the basics required to complete the class but some students with a more extensive background will be able to work much more independently and tackle more complicated tasks and projects.”

Mazouch said bringing carpentry to Barton made sense due to the high demand but also for other reasons. 

“As far as vocational programs go, carpentry is very cost-effective,” he said. “Most of the materials used in the classroom end up in a project that is paid for by a customer at some point so there is very little material cost to the college.”

Finally, Mazouch wants people interested in the program to realize the possibilities are endless once a student gets some experience learning the basics that will be taught in the program. 

“There are so many areas of specialization to work in,” he said. “If you can work at a decent pace with some basic knowledge, contractors all need help, or you can start a business doing what you like including cabinets, countertops, wood floors, carpet, tile, sheetrock, trim, concrete, painting, framing, siding, decks, fencing, windows or doors.”

For more information, contact carpentry instructor Matt Mazouch at or 620-792-9336.