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'Biggest Loser' Cahill shares weight loss insights
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Danny Cahill stands before his Before photo, taken at the beginning of Season 8 of The Biggest Loser, as he talks to a Great Bend audience, last Saturday at the Crest Theater. - photo by Susan Thacker/Great Bend Tribune


After losing more than half his body weight, the Season 8 winner of "The Biggest Loser" reality show on NBC is used to people asking for insights on dieting. Danny Cahill shared some of those tips last Saturday when he spoke at the Crest Theater in Great Bend.

Cahill’s daughter Mary also appeared on stage briefly and spoke about her own recent weight loss. She said she’d started taking her lunch to school instead of buying pizza and french fries, and she’d gotten more active, joining the soccer team.

"There are so many numerous ways to lose weight," Danny Cahill writes on his website, But instead of short-term diets, he recommends a lifestyle change. "(The) fact of the matter is that eating good, healthy foods instead of fried, fast foods, lowering the calories you eat, and moving more daily is the bottom line and best way to lose weight.

"Most of all, it takes self discipline," Cahill continues. "You have to ‘Lose Your Quit’ and decide that the finish line is where you are headed."

In other words, Cahill told the Great Bend audience, it’s a matter of choice. Some of his poor choices in life left his family in debt and his marriage in trouble, and his weight reached 460 pounds. Cahill said the day he gave up his dream of becoming a rock star and settled for a desk job was the day he started gaining weight.

"My family and friends once had an intervention when I reached 460 pounds," Cahill says on the website. "It did no good whatsoever. The fact is that it has to be your choice. You have to find your own ‘why’ and follow that daily to be your motivation."

Today, along with promoting his "Lose Your Quit" brand of inspiration, Cahill is writing and recording songs. His new single, "Second Chance," and a worship song, "King of Kings," can be purchased on his website.

Cahill’s Great Bend appearance was sponsored by Club 1 Fitness, which is accepting registrations for its 2012 Community Challenge. Friday is the last day to register, make the first payment and weigh in for that program.

Another fitness challenge, Walk Kansas, will runs March 18 through May 12 and has teams collectively walking the distance across or around the state. Walk Kansas is sponsored locally by the Great Bend Recreation Commission and the Barton County Extension Office.