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Great Bend USD 428 internet service disrupted by 'denial of service' attack
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Great Bend USD 428 experienced internet outages and slowdowns this week because of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack, Assistant Superintendent John Popp said. Issues were experienced Tuesday and Wednesday, with some minimal interruption early Thursday as well, according to Public Information Officer Andrea Bauer.

“While this may slow the internet for us at times, it does not mean learning will stop,” Popp said in an email to staff.

The district office is working with Nex-Tech to solve the issue. No information was compromised, Bauer said.

“It is important to know that a DDOS is an illegal act. The district has contacted law enforcement and is working to find the responsible people to hold them accountable,” Popp stated. In his email he encouraged those affected to “please continue to work productively and be patient as we work through this situation.”

The interruptions included USD 428’s “Skyward” links, accessed by employees and parents. Faculty and staff use Skyward to clock in and out at work. Families and teachers also use it for assignments. However, access to Skyward was only affected in district buildings when using USD 428’s internet network. Families or staff accessing Skyward at home — or utilizing their own internet networks or cellular service — have not been affected, Bauer said.