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Adopt-A-Dog program to begin
new kl adopt a dog
This Lab cross brindle puppy is available for adoption from the Golden Belt Humane Society in Great Bend. She is two months old.

A new Adopt-A-Dog program has begun in Great Bend to help lost or unadopted dogs to find their forever home. Volunteer RaShann Southard and the Golden Belt Humane Society will take adoptable dogs to the Orschselen Farm and Home store, 5320 10th St., for viewing once a month with dates and times to be announced, beginning in February.
“The goal is get some adoptions,” said Southard. She said that there were 18 dogs put down last Friday.
“There is no reason to be putting down that many dogs,” the volunteer said.
However, there is one obstacle to the program-all of the dogs have to have all of their vaccinations before they can go out in public. The Adopt-A-Dog programs needs to raise funds to provide vaccinations to these animals.
According to the Golden Belt Humane Society, they currently have 15-20 dogs and 30 cats. They keep the animals as long as they can until they have room in the pound.
Along with the Adopt-A-Dog program, Southard would like to develop foster homes for the animals to avoid having so many put down. Applications for foster licenses are available at the GBHS. There will also be a home check.
Southard says that foster homes keep them for a short time until they can be adopted out.
The Adopt-A-Dog program also will provide vaccinations and medical bills for fosters who have to be spayed or neutered.
Countryside Veterinary Associates, 2900 N. Main, will handle the actual vaccinations. Donation checks can be mailed to them and made out to Countryside Veterinary with a notation that the funds are for the vaccination program. Checks can also be mailed to Southard, 4827 Camelot Drive West, made out to Countryside and with the notation.
In addition to efforts in Great Bend, Southard works with an interstate adoption program. She will transport two mixed breed dogs from Great Bend to Hays on Saturday where they will be picked up by another volunteer and taken to Aspen, Colo.
“Before they can be transported they have to be spayed or neutered,” said Southard. She encourages everyone to spay or neuter their pet.
Southard rescues pets in the area and surrounding states. Southard’s love of dogs shines through her activities. She is spearheading the Adopt-A-Dog program and earlier this year, spearheaded the “Get off your butt and walk your mutt” fundraiser for the GBHS. In addition, the program needs volunteers to bath the dogs so they look and smell pretty before they are shown.
“It’s hard for me,” Southard admitted because of her love of the animal. “The only reason is because I get to know the end result.”
GBHS has a Facebook page where they list all of the adoptable dogs and cats. The pictures are under photos and adoptable dogs.