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The Clean Cut: Disney releases 'Pete's Dragon' trailer
Bryce Dallas Howard stars in the new spin on the old classic, "Pete's Dragon," opening in theaters this August. - photo by Morgan Jones
Disney released a trailer Tuesday for its upcoming remake of the 1977 film Petes Dragon, which is set to open in theaters Aug. 12. The trailer proves what the cast and crew have been saying: The film is not a straight up remake.

Prior to reading the script, I had heard that it wasnt a straight up remake, and that was the yes for me, Bryce Dallas Howard told I love 'Petes Dragon.' I have the little board book for my kids and I read it to them constantly. I think, in loving it, I didnt want it to just be a copy cat thing. I think we see a lot of them; some of them are great, some of them dont work.

Howard, daughter of director Ron Howard, is joined by Robert Redford in the film that tells the fairy tale of a young orphan named Pete whose best friend is a dragon named Elliot. While the storyline will be familiar to those who loved the original, it will likely engage a new generation of fans.

Watch the trailer on YouTube.