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These lists explain all of Jack-Jacks powers in Incredibles 2
This image released by Disney Pixar shows a scene from "Incredibles 2," in theaters on June 15. (Disney/Pixar via AP) - photo by Herb Scribner
Warning: Minor spoilers for Incredibles 2 below.

Before Incredibles 2 even hit theaters, early reviewers and those at the premiere celebrated the character Jack-Jack, the heroic Parr family's new baby with superhero powers who proved to be comedic gold in the Pixar film.

It seems his powers have been the subject of conversation since the films release, as people have wondered how many powers the baby actually displays in "Incredibles 2."

As CinemaBlend reported, Jack-Jack appears to have an unlimited list of abilities, including laser eyes and combustion inducement, which are two abilities seen in the Incredibles 2 trailers.

Incredibles 2 director and writer Brad Bird said Jack-Jack doesnt have unlimited gifts, though.

Babies are able to speak multiple languages easily, at the beginning, but then they start to harden like cement, and certain things drop away, he said, according to CinemaBlend. So, you know, maybe Jack-Jack will start losing powers, because he starts to rely on this one or that one. I think we kind of choose our powers by what we're encouraged with, and what we enjoy doing, and all of that. Usually people, if they have multi-talents, they're kind of interested in a lot of things, and they're passionate about a lot of things. So who knows! He may have more, he may start dropping a few off. You never know. That's what babies are.

Bird and producer John Walker told CinemaBlend the film ends with Jack-Jack using roughly 20 powers.

Yeah, so our rule was by Act III, no new powers. And then we got there, and went, 'Nah, one or two more!' Bird said.

Bird said Jack-Jack will eventually learn to focus on one or two of his abilities, and not grow up with a lot of them.

So what powers did Jack-Jack have? The Verge put together a complete list of his abilities seen in the film. Even though Jack-Jacks dad, Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson), says in the film that his son has 17 powers, The Verge only noticed 14, including Laser eyes, floating and teleportation, among others.

It seems like, for now, Jack-Jack is mainly a polymorph who chooses to take whatever the most convenient form is given his circumstances. He also continues to be delighted by Mozart, which seems to inspire an increase in power output, luring him toward other dimensions until hes hungry for snacks, according to The Verge.

However, CNET put together a similar list explaining all 17 powers, including mimicry, which is the babys strong ability to mimic those around him.

CNET admitted its list might include some abilities that might be considered a stretch.