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He bearly had a plan
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In Malone, N.Y., Clyde Gardner, 57, was sentenced to five to 15 years in prison for trying to murder his ex-girlfriend twice.
Initially, he was going to dress in a recently skinned bear’s hide — walk on its paws, so as not to leave shoe prints, and “maul” her with the claws.
After abandoning that plan, he promised a friend $15,000 to kill the woman in a car crash.
Since Gardner was a demolition derby driver, he offered expert instructions — though the friend turned Gardner in.
They worked
better than
city crews did
The ingenuity of drug smugglers is never to be underestimated, as one news report from Nogales, Ariz., demonstrated. Smugglers had dug tunnels from Nogales, Mexico, underneath the border to Nogales, Ariz., engineered perfectly to end along International Street’s metered parking spaces.
Vans with false bottoms were parked in certain spaces — and meters were fed.
Smugglers in the vans broke though the pavement to meet the tunnelers, and the drugs were loaded.
Still parked, the vans’ crews repaired the pavement, and the vans departed.
“Unbelievable,” said the Arizona city’s mayor.
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