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Im my own grandpa
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Czech Television reported on a recent, joyous, but confusing, family reunion featuring a woman (Ilona Tomeckova) who had become a man (Dominik Sejda), and who had finally found love — in the person of Andrea Kajzarova, who was, before her own sex change, a bodybuilder named Tomas Kajzar. Dominik, motivated to reconnect with his original family, learned that the son he had given birth to (Radim) was himself undergoing a sex change — to become Viki.
Rachel Brock, 21, was arrested in Phoenix in December for an alleged sexual relationship with an underage boy — the same boy that her mother, Susan Brock, had already been arrested for sexually abusing.
Neither Rachel nor Susan knew about the other’s “affair.”
In Brooklyn, N.Y., Judge Bernard Graham recently awarded custody of an estranged couple’s teenage boy to the father even though the father was at the time homeless and living from night to night in shelters and storefronts.
The mother, Jeannette Traylor, who earns $90,000 a year as a courthouse employee, was even denied visitation rights.
Judge Graham insisted the arrangement was in the boy’s best interest.
Graham was later transferred to non-divorce cases.
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