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Perspective allows us to be thankful
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It is the time of year to reflect on all that we are thankful for. To count our blessings and remember to have perspective. Through all of the things that happened recently, there were blessings in each of them, we just have to remind ourselves to look for them.

Here’s a few of my recent perspectives: 

Last week my bank account was hacked. I couldn’t log in but thought I must have typed in my password wrong and, well, I’ll try again later. Nope, this group of hackers changed my email address, password, and phone number and were emptying my accounts. Thank goodness my bank was able to recover what had been taken and reimbursed me. My understanding is that there are scam artists out there that know that when you use your email for your financial institution username, it makes it easier for them to get into your account. I was one of the fortunate ones as most individuals have on average $28,000 stolen and many businesses are scammed for over $100,000 and many times the money is gone for good. Luckily, my bank was alerted to this early. 

I recently got pulled over by a couple Barton County Sheriff Officers. They explained why I was being stopped; one taillight on the trailer I was borrowing to move from Manhattan had failed. They asked for my insurance and registration but I was unable to get into my glove box due to all the plants I was bringing to Great Bend to get in the ground before the cold weather hit. The officers were understanding and I was able to produce the documents without having to get into the glove box. After I checked the connections on the trailer and the light still didn’t work, they escorted me home with only a warning, and without their lights flashing.

Last Friday a carrier was sick and not able to deliver their papers. It’s a big endeavor throwing someone else’s paper route, nearly impossible in the dark and easily takes four times as much time – and this carrier delivers a thousand papers. So, as employees walked into work at the Tribune Friday morning they started rolling papers and answering phones. One employee got their first lesson rolling papers after working here for many years. Every employee pitched in. After all the papers were rolled we split into groups and delivered papers. This is a terrific team I have; it’s a small group, but they care about serving you, our readers. If you were one of those that got a late paper, I apologize, but be assured we all worked hard to get the paper out as quickly as we could. This is another reason we are looking for more carriers and substitute carriers right now, so if you know of someone, please send them my way.

As well as learning how well my staff works together, I learned many houses in town don’t have address numbers on them. That really surprised me and is concerning. Without your address numbers on your house, emergency vehicles won’t be able to find you.

I’ve had calls and emails on the Tribune’s spelling errors, customer service and switched headlines. I’ve also had calls and emails stating you can see we are striving to be better community ambassadors in person and in our news articles.

In this time of reflection and being Thankful it can be difficult to remember to have perspective and not dwell on the negative. Seeing the positive in each of these situations can be difficult but, I’m Thankful for my local bank and their quick response; I’m Thankful for the kindness and understanding of the Barton County Sheriff Officers that pulled me over; I’m Thankful for my staff and their hard work and dedication to get the paper to you: and I’m also Thankful for you, our readers, for making us more accountable in reporting local news and making us strive to do our jobs better.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Judy Duryee is the publisher of the Great Bend Tribune. Contact her by email at