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Birdhouse Scavenger Hunt winner announced
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Tracy Miller, second from right, holds a $100 check presented by Loren Unruh, far right, president of the Great Bend Convention and Visitors Bureau after winning the Birdhouse Scavenger Hunt. Also pictured is Tracys daughter, left, and her mother, Linda Shull. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Tracy Miller of Great Bend is this year’s Birdhouse Scavenger Hunt winner of $100. Great Bend Convention and Visitors Bureau chairman Loren Unruh and president Cris Collier personally presented the cash to Miller.
The winner was chosen at random from the successfully completed hunts. The number of scavenger hunt entries submitted increased 10 times compared to last year, and included those of children, young adults, and senior citizens.
Each birdhouse was included in one of the four different hunts. Participants could choose to do one or all of the hunts to increase their chances of winning. Every hunt had 10-12 clues that would lead to a specific birdhouse. Once the clue was deciphered for a birdhouse location, partakers could walk or drive to that destination to find a secret letter underneath the birdhouse. Each hunt spelled the name of a feathered friend that visits the Wetlands and Wildlife National Scenic Byway.
The number of birdhouses has increased to 70, from the 50 of last year in a marketing effort to promote Great Bend’s theme of the Wetlands and Wildlife National Scenic Byway - Birds and Wildlife.  A birdhouse walking art tour and brochure is developed yearly that includes each birdhouse’s location and description. Scavenger hunt participants use this brochure as an aid to finding birdhouses.
“This was a great opportunity to show off the new birdhouses added this year, as well as appreciate those that have been out in the community since the beginning of the ‘Birdhouse Bonanza’ project, “ said Loren Unruh.
Unruh concluded, “We look forward to the continued success and growth of the year round community art tour.”