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Fortnite just launched season 5. Heres everything you need to know
The free-to-play video game recently released a boat load of new content to align with its fifth season. - photo by Herb Scribner
Everything you knew about Fortnite has changed.

The free-to-play video game recently released a boatload of new content to align with its fifth season, including new characters, maps, weapons, locations and gameplay features, according to Engadget.

Fortnite includes two modes. In one, gamers compete in a story mode that is common in todays video games. The other mode, called Battle Royale, pits 100 players against each other in a battle to the death.

Epic Games, which creates and publishes the game, releases a new season's worth of content every 10 weeks or so. Each season has a specific theme. The company retools and updates the game's characters, maps and locations to fit that theme.

On Thursday, Epic Games launched its new season "When Worlds Collide" with a huge cinematic scene trailer to hype up gamers.

Polygon has a great list of all the changes to the game that youll want to read to see what's changed. It includes a list of all the new weapon upgrades, the new gameplay features and all the updates to the map.

Epic is bringing in a couple of new named locations to the map, called Paradise Palms and Lazy Links, as well as some brand-new unnamed locations they arent quite talking about yet. Meanwhile, shotguns are getting a fairly large overhaul, according to Polygon. The pellet spread on the games most popular gun will no longer be random a change fans have wanted for months but shotguns now have an added delay after firing one shotgun before you can fire a second.

The game will also include a new game called Rifts, but no one is sure what that means yet.

The game will add new specific challenges for those who buy the additional Battle Pass, which enables gamers to unlock more characters, weapons, emotes (dances) and tricks.

You can read about all the patch updates at Epic Games website, too.

Two weeks ago, Epic Games hosted a massive one-time event that featured a cinematic scene of a rocket launching into the sky, according to Forbes. This was meant to be the opening moment into the new season.

Since then, Fortnite has billed its new season When Worlds Collide.

Players have noticed a number of clues to the seasons theme in the weeks since the event, including finding a wagon in the middle of the map, a burger display in a real-life California desert and a slew of other Easter eggs, according to Business Insider.

A report from LendEDU found that 68.8 percent of Fortnite players make in-app purchases for content, including character skins, ax tool designs and expressions for characters. Players will spend about $84.67 on average for those purchases, according to the Deseret News.