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Let’s journal
A Woman's View
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How many of you reading this keep a journal? Keeping a daily record of news and events in your personal life might be just what the doctor ordered. 

I wish I had started journaling years ago, because I have forgotten many details that were vital and important to remember. Our mind plays tricks on our memories and sometimes robs us of positive experiences that we have forgotten.  

Journaling hands us a new lease on life! It’s a place we can go where someone is listening, really listening to us!  

I  journal in some ways, though, and I bet you do too, but didn’t realize it. I continually write down my thoughts for articles and columns which I eventually enter on the computer. But there is no substitute for a large spiral notebook. It can go with us in the car, to the pool, to the bed ... anywhere. It doesn’t plug in, and it fits in the purse or backpack.

What do you think? Do you want to give journaling a try? Remember, it may be just a few sentences every day, or a page written. Doesn’t matter.

Let’s look at some ideas for your journal experience.

1. Inspirational quotes. These are motivational, comforting, inspiring, or whatever keeps you energized or reminded of how you can be or want to be. You can add personal reflections to particular quotes. Add thoughts or musings about those quotes with details of why they are important.

2. Questions. Find a jar or drawer where you can slip written questions that come to you. When you have a few minutes, write them in the notebook to answer when you feel inspired. A dream you had recently? What did it mean? Or ten things you never told anyone about yourself. Or ten new things you have learned this week. Ten happiest memories of your life.

3. Prayers. We pray aloud or in our thoughts, but seldom write them out. As you write your thoughts in prayer, you might focus on gratitude, or praise, or pressing concerns. You will quickly discover that the depth of your prayer expression and the time to think them though will change your perspective. An example might be: “Lord, today I feel so confused and fearful. I feel the chaos around me, and I need your strength and peace.” You will be amazed at how your heart speaks when you write these prayers down. Then when you get the answer, write it down immediately because you will forget it in time. It’s important to remember. I suggest:

4. Write a “time capsule” entry. Write about something that is happening in the news that day, and your thoughts to it as well, if you choose. You might add how the country reacted, and enclose newspaper clippings or others’ comments. Then read it much later down the line. We all know that there is plenty to write on this subject at this time in history, don’t we?

5. Write thoughts and memories of your growing up years for your children and grandchildren. Tell stories of your life that you would never have opportunity to tell aloud. Relate your feelings about those times, and those experiences. Add the suggestions from number two above for more details. These entries will someday be as gold to your progeny. 

6. Track the food you eat daily. Enough said.

If we set a time every day, perhaps after dinner, or at bedtime, then we will acquire a regular habit. You do not have to write an entire page. Some days only might require a sentence or two.

Don’t feel guilty if you miss a day or week. Just keep going, and you will reap benefits, I promise. 

Judi Tabler lives in Pawnee County and is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. She can be reached at or juditabler@awomansview.