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Teachers try out next math curriculum
textbook-training 2021
A representative from Into Math Curriculum Training leads training at the Great Bend USD 428 District Education Center on June 29. Teachers also received training from Envisions Curriculum on June 28. This fall, they will try out both K-6 math curriculums before making a final recommendation on the next textbook adoption.

Great Bend USD 428 teachers will try out two K-6 math programs this fall as they prepare to make recommendations for the next textbook adoption. This past week, teachers learned from the publishers how to get the most out of each program.

Although they are still sometimes called “textbook adoptions,” today’s curricula include more than physical books, said Tricia Reiser, USD 428’s Director of Teaching and Learning.

“Our pilot teachers had the opportunity to receive demonstrations and training on the two math curriculums that will be piloted in classrooms this fall. More than information, these training sessions provided a hands-on exploration of the coursework, textbooks, and digital enhancements available,” Reiser said.

Two teachers from each grade level, K-6, will pilot both curriculum options this fall. Those who teach the Savvas (formerly Pearson K12 Learning) “EnVision” curriculum in the first nine-week quarter (Aug. 19 - Oct. 14) will switch to the Houghton Mifflin Math (HMM) “Into Math” curriculum in the second quarter (Oct. 18 - Dec. 17). This gives them the chance to easily compare the curriculum offerings and how the practical use and applications work in the classroom. 

The teachers will then provide feedback on their experience and select a curriculum preference to submit to the board of education for adoption, said Andrea Bauer, public information director for the district. These teachers will use the selected curriculum in the spring of 2022, while the remaining K-6 teachers receive training for district-wide implementation in the fall of 2022. 

The district reviews textbook adoptions for each subject, K-12, on a seven-year rotation. Each subject goes through a three-year adoption process: study year, pilot year and adoption year. At the end of the study year, an adoption committee comprised of teachers reviewed the curriculum offerings and evaluated their content, textbooks and online components or other educational enhancements. School board members were also invited to review the materials when the committee presented its top two selections, EnVision and Into Math.