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Rosewood Winery introducing four new wines in July
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Rosewood Winery will begin celebration of the nation’s independence holiday a few days early this year by introducing four new wines to the public on July 2. The wines will be available to the public at the Rosewood Wine Cellar, located at 1901 Lakin  Ave. in downtown Great Bend. They can also be purchased at the Rosewood Winery during scheduled tours.
“It is perfect timing to release our new wines in conjunction with people celebrating our nation’s independence,” said Rosewood Services Executive Director Tammy Hammond. “All four of our new varieties were bottled many months ago and allowed to mature. They are now ready, and we’re excited that the public finally has the opportunity to taste them.”
The new additions include three dry red wines and a dry white wine. The dry red wines are: Moe Coosa French Cabernet Sauvignon, Cooper Prophets Nebbiolo, and Smooth Movin Sheik Malbec. The dry white wine being introduced is Boo Koo Shine Torrontes. All the fanciful names of the wines, that are merged with the varietal names of the wines, are taken from the names of current and former horses at Rosewood Ranch.
Rosewood introduced two sweet wines in early May: Sweet Bonita Dee – Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio and Spins Isabella – Raspberry Dragonfruit White Shiraz. The six newest wines join the original 13 wines offered to the public when Rosewood Winery opened last October. With 19 varieties to choose from, the expanded selection gives Rosewood Winery a broad range of red, white and blush wines that are sure to please the dry and sweet palates of drinkers alike, Hammond said.
“The goal is to produce a varied selection of the finest wines in order to stimulate the interest of every type of wine drinker in central Kansas,” said Hammond. “To do that, we have to plan our wines nearly a year ahead of their release. It keeps our staff and our client-employees on their toes and extremely busy, but they continually meet the challenge and they take tremendous pride in what we produce.”
The complete wine list can be accessed at, along with other information about the Rosewood Winery and Wine Cellar.